Chiropractic Care in Salinas CA

Chiropractic Salinas CA Chiropractic Care is Necessary

Our chiropractor in Salinas CA offers a variety of techniques to help you feel your best.

Gentle Chiropractic Care in Salinas CA

Our youngest patient is less than a year old, while our oldest is 95. We adjust a range of ages and conditions and have techniques appropriate for everyone. There are specific techniques available that work well for people who tend to be more fragile, such as infants and the elderly.

Dr. Davis will also give you exercises that will work specifically to target your problem. He will walk you through exactly how to do each exercise, so you can do them in between visits.

Here are some of the methods we use:

  • Activator Methods
  • Diversified Techniques

We Want to Help You and Your Family Reach Your Best Wellness

Our approach involves partnering with you to make changes in your health, giving you the best possible future. Dr. Davis will take a comprehensive look at your health to determine which of the many techniques we use will work best for you at Davis Chiropractic.

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7:30am - 7:00pm

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7:30am - 7:00pm


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