Chiropractic Testimonials

"Sweet awesome caring genuine staff and Chiropractor! What more could you ask for?"

- Leopoldo R.

"A big THANK YOU to Dr. Davis for his awesome care, and his assistants, as well! Visiting the Chiropractor has been amazing for me and my body. I’ve seen great change and better feeling with my movement. Keeping up with my icing and visiting him has been the best choice I’ve made. I definitely recommend Dr. Davis to care for your needs! Thank you Doctor."

- Rose B.

"Hes a good DR knows what hes doing ,just wish he would listen more when i tell him my hips and knees hurt and need to be adjusted to. so if your looking for a full body adjustment find a different doctor, other wise Davis is a good doctor."

- Loren R.

"Amazing what Dr Davis can do. I went in aching, couldn't bend, and even hurt to walk. Let Dr. Davis know, and he straightened me right up, finished off with some stretches and boy was I surprised when I stood up with no pain. Thank you Davis Chiropractic! now I can enjoy my long weekend."

- Rose F.

"Amazing and fast! He can instantly feel the trouble area!"

- Martinez A.

"Effective and healing hands. Staff is great. love them all."

- Becky P.

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